Life After The Diet (14 Tips to Keeping Weight Off)

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BioTrust Radio #23
Published Date: 4th April 2018
Podcast Duration: 36 minutes
Podcast Title: Life After The Diet (14 Tips to Keeping Weight Off)
Presenters: Shawn Wells and Tim Skwiat

Keto Diet Tips: Life After The Diet (14 Tips to Keeping Weight Off)

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Congrats! You’ve hit your weight loss goal…now what? Another trip down Weight Regain Lane? No way! You’ve worked way too hard. But the fact of the matter is that keeping weight off is the hardest part for most people. That’s why this episode of the BioTrust Radio podcast is a must-listen as Shawn and Tim reveal the top 14 tools, tips, strategies, and habits to help you maintain your weight.


Whether you’re currently dieting, just hit your weight loss goal, or coach someone who’s trying to lose weight, this may be the most important episode of the BioTrust Radio podcast you ever listen to. In this show, Shawn and Tim hone in on “life after the diet”, sharing the tactics that many successful “losers” implement for keeping weight off. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to walk away with:

  • The importance of mindset – shifting your thought process from “diet” to “lifestyle” and recognizing that “life after the diet” is simply a series of decisions
  • Why you need to be a part of a community that provides positive social support and accountability (from coaches and peers) – maybe even changing your circle (i.e., removing negative energy vampires)
  • Why you sometimes need to make adjustments along the way (e.g., intermittent fasting after a “cheat day”)
  • Identify your relationship with food and be aware of triggers (environmental, social, emotional) that lead to poor habits/choices
  • How spending more time outdoors can boost levels of the feel-good chemicals similarly to sugar and other “addictive” foodsEngaging in conversations and social interactions with people/groups who bring you energy
  • Exercise and physical activity are foundational for keeping weight off
  • Those who are good at keeping weight off typically have very little dietary variety – eat the similar foods/meals – limit your menu of options
  • Another thing is that people who are successful at keeping weight off maintain similar habits – nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc. – on weekdays and weekends
  • Instead of relying on willpower or succumbing to “decision fatigue”, focus on creating healthy habits
  • Be mindful that choices have consequences; take time to think through your decisions
  • Use journaling and self-monitoring; practice gratitude daily
  • Focus on going to bed at a reasonable time – people who are successful at keeping weight off stay up late less at nighttime
  • And much more!

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