4 Health and Fitness Myths EXPOSED

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BioTrust Radio #02
Published Date: 14th November 2017
Podcast Duration: 24 minutes
Podcast Title: 4 Health and Fitness Myths EXPOSED
Presenters: Tim Skwiat & Shawn Wells

4 Health and Fitness Myths EXPOSED

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Welcome to the latest episode of BioTrust Radio, our weekly podcast dedicated to answering your questions related to health, fitness, nutrition, and supplements so you can get better results, faster! In today’s show, Shawn and Tim help steer you right by exposing 4 popular health and fitness myths.

In Part 1 of our myth-busting series, we answered questions like, “What’s the best cardio for weight loss?”, “Is sodium bad for you?”, “Does dietary cholesterol raise blood cholesterol?”, “Are high-fat diets bad for you?”, “Is margarine healthier than butter?”, “Is coconut oil really unhealthy?”, and more.

In this must-listen episode of BioTrust Radio, Shawn and Tim continue down the path of busting fitness and nutrition myths, helping you clear through the clutter by answering questions like:

  • Should you be lifting weights?
  • Do you have to lift heavy weights to build muscle?
  • Are whole eggs healthy?
  • How bad for you is the “complex carb” maltodextrin?
  • Are high-protein diets healthy?
  • Do high-protein diets cause kidney damage?
  • How much protein per day should you be consuming?

We’ll cover these burning questions and much more. Enjoy!

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