2014 BioTrust IC-5 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge (Men’s Winners)

By Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion, CISSN

At the beginning of January, we announced our second 12-Week Transformation Contest, and once again, we were absolutely blown away by the response and the results of the participants. Just like our previous Challenges (you can see some of the most outstanding transformations here and here), the competitors made some astonishing progress.

When all was said and done, over $50,000 in cash and prizes was awarded to the winners throughout the contest. The results were fantastic, and it was like pulling teeth to choose “winners” from this inspiring group of folks. With that said, take a look at just a sampling of the awesome transformation that some of the gentlemen made.

Grand Prize Winner: Dale Larson (45)

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Dale kept the momentum going from the previous Transformation Challenge, as he’s now tallied upwards of 50 pounds lost! But that only tells part of the story, as he’s continually added lean muscle mass along the way. All of this is crucial to his health and his performance, as he prepares to reach the summit of Mount Rainier this September. In addition to his staggering body transformation, Dale’s energy levels are through the roof, his cardiovascular fitness is better than ever, his blood pressure has normalized, and he’s thoroughly impressed his doctor.

He said it: It’s amazing to look at the before pictures from January and realize how much my body has changed! It’s great to feel like my body lets me do whatever I like and look good doing it. I’ve been feeding myself while I train hard, and my body is making all the shifts because I fuel it well with whole foods and highquality supplementation.”

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First Runner Up: Eric Kranski (29)

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After suffering devastating Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and at a point where he relied on others to take care of him, Eric left no stone unturned in his quest to optimize his health, body composition, and vitality. After struggling to find answers in seemingly every fitness gadget known to man, Eric accepted the BioTrust Challenge, and he shed 28 pounds and went from a size 36-inch waist to a size 31-inch waist! What’s more, all of Eric’s blood work is now in the normal to above-normal ranges, and his energy levels are off the charts. This Challenge has given Eric the opportunity to “wipe the slate” clean and optimize every aspect of his life and overall health.

He said it: My appearance is glowing. I feel lighter and cleaner on the inside, more energized, and an immense sense of accomplishment every single day. My awareness level grew by leaps and bounds throughout this challenge, and it will continue to grow. BioTrust and this newfound lifestyle that it brings brought me a sense of entitlement to my health for the future.”

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Second Runner Up: Warren Osborne (44)

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Inspired by the loss of his sister to pancreatic cancer and weighing in at an all-time high, Warren entered the BioTrust Transformation Challenge in an effort to take control of his life and health. He did precisely that, as he lost an impressive 33 pounds and dropped 6 pants sizes! In addition, Warren’s blood pressure and blood sugar levels have both returned to normal levels. Just as importantly, his energy levels are through the roof and his self-confidence is at an all-time high.

He said it:The best part is I was able to accomplish this feat with a positive change in diet and lifestyle. Throughout my forty years and my weight roller-coaster ride, I was never able to accomplish that—that is why it never worked out for the best.”

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Special Honorable Mention: Gilbert Proulx (28)

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With an awesome attitude and infectious energy and enthusiasm, Gilbert has reshaped his body and his mindset. Since September, Gilbert’s dedication to a healthier lifestyle has led him to a complete body recomposition, which involved dropping 34 pounds and adding slabs of “lean and sexy muscle.” Gilbert’s transformation has been “astronomical,” and it has positively impacted the lives of many around him, as he has been helping many others begin their own successful body transformation journeys.

He said it: If you were to take a moment and look back at my very first photo from September, you will clearly see someone who is ashamed, self-conscious, lost, and overall depressed with how he looks. If you look at where I’m at now, the changes are astronomical. I’m not even talking about the physical changes. I can see in the pictures how I carry myself differently. Head held high, proud of myself, and no longer afraid.”

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Special Honorable Mention: David Landrum (42)

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David took a very calculated approach to this contest, as his goal was to maximize fat loss without sacrificing any of his hard-earned muscle mass or strength. Clearly, he accomplished precisely that, as he dropped a total of 31 pounds while maintaining his muscle, strength, and power. But for David, this Challenge helped him realize that his true passion lies in helping others improve their bodies and lives through proper nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. He is now exploring career options in the field of health and fitness to help others accomplish incredible body transformations just like he did.

He said it: “I feel healthy and energetic, and I have an athletic body that I am proud of. To some, 42 may not seem young, but to me…I’m just getting going. Life experiences along with a positive outlook and healthy body are all components for a tremendously joyful life.”

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Please join us in congratulating these awesome guys—and all of the Challenge participants—on their outstanding and inspiring transformations. They sure do have a lot to be proud of, and we couldn’t be more proud of them ourselves!

To the top,

Josh Bezoni & Joel Marion
Co-Founders, BioTrust Nutrition

These individuals represent our most successful customers. They achieved extraordinary results by consistently using BioTRUST products along with regular exercise and a reduced-calorie nutrition program. Sixty-seven customers who completed our most recent BioTrust 12-Week Challenge lost an average of 19.3 pounds. Of course, customers who quit and did not follow through with the 12-Week Challenge lost little, if any, weight. As individuals vary, results will vary, even using the same program.

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