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By on December 5, 2014

One of the most popular nutritional supplements on the market is whey protein. It is readily available at supermarkets, drug stores, health food stores, gyms and convenience shops. What most people fail to realize, whey protein should not be consumed as a single supplement.

Manufacturers and retailers rarely talk about the problems associated with whey protein. These problems include but are not limited to:
Absorption: Whey is absorbed into the blood stream at around 8 grams per hour. Whey protein also has a limited amount of time in which the body can effectively use the enzymes. After 1.5 hours the bioavailability of whey is no longer present and will be wasted. Even if you are consuming 40 grams of protein in one serve, your body will only uptake between 12 and 20 grams of protein. That’s means that half the protein you are consuming will be excreted from your body.

Insulin Spikes: The amino acids in whey protein stimulate certain cells in the body which increase insulin levels. With higher levels of insulin it is much harder for you to burn fat and excess calories. WebMD – Living Healthy

So what’s the solution to this problem? To buy a supplement that is balanced with other forms of protein that digest at a slower rate. This is known as a time release blend and is far better for your body. Micellar casein and milk proteins are a perfect for balancing out whey proteins. The combination of these proteins reduces insulin spikes and increases the absorption rate of each protein into your body.
You will be acquiring all the nutrition, protein and fat fighting ingredients needed to fuel the body. One of the only companies on the market to create a truly unique mix is BioTrust. Their low carb protein powders are carefully blended to ensure customers get the very best protein powder available on the market today.

All of their products are certified USDA organic. They are free from chemicals, artificial hormones, colors and artificial sweeteners that you don’t need. BioTrust low carb protein powder also tastes great and mixes easily. All very good reasons to try BioTrust low carb products today!


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