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By on July 15, 2014

pro-x10-supplement-fact-sheetPro-X10 is another product proudly owned by BioTRUST Nutrition and it is a bit different than other products of the same company. This nutritional supplement acts on gastrointestinal areas, strengthening them through addition of beneficial bacteria, and at the same promotes weight loss.

Various BioTRUST products are well-known in the market but anyone can become reluctant in trusting this product because it may seem too good to be true. But to those who are planning to try this product out, here are important things that you might need to know.

BioTRUST Pro-X10 Scam or Genuine – All About Pro-X10

The stomach contains both good and bad bacteria that are not altogether harmful. These bacteria are also referred to as probiotics and they are beneficial in the promotion of balanced levels of acid in the gut to help better absorption of nutrients.  However, this balance of good and bad bacteria can be disrupted due to certain factors that result in the overpopulation of bad bacteria. This imbalance should be addressed and that is what Pro-X10 is for. It helps correct the imbalances of bacteria in the stomach by providing a source of probiotics, therefore reducing the risk of gastrointestinal-related diseases such as bowel inflammation, ulcers, and even obesity.

Pro-X10 is a product from BioTRUST and it comes in capsules and unlike other supplements available in the market, this product passed through a microencapsulation technology. As you can see, probiotics may be destroyed as it passes along the GI tract and before it reaches the intestine for absorption, there is nothing left to absorb – rendering the drug futile. The GI tract is composed of an acidic environment that degrades probiotics as it travels to reach the absorption site.  In order for probiotics to work, they need to reach the stomach so they can carry out their function by adding to the number of beneficial bacteria. This encapsulation technology  ensures the successful delivery of live probiotics to the gastrointestinal areas in the body so the consumer can benefit from its effects.

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What Makes Pro-X10 Work?

Several ingredients make up the Pro-X10 to allow it to become more efficient compared to other supplements that contain probiotics. One of the ingredients in Pro-X10 is Actazin, a compound derived from the famous national fruit of New Zealand, the kiwi fruit.  Sufficient research have been performed on this particular fruit and its nutrient being a promoter of gastrointestinal health in various ways, which include an easier way to pass your stool and reducing the risk of diarrhea and constipation.

Insoluble fibers are also found in Actazin and it helps keep the stool firm and soft so that it passes out without any difficulty.  It only promotes probiotics but can also support the growth of prebiotics in different areas of the GI tract.  This is something not likely found in other types of supplements.  Actazin also helps cells in the stomach lining to regenerate, repairing any damage caused in those areas and preventing further damage to the stomach lining.

There are also other strains of probiotics included in the formulation of Pro-X10 which cannot be found in others. Bifidobacterium lactis is another strain that helps reduce the risk of constipation, as well as provides relief from a gastrointestinal problem called inflammatory bowel syndrome. On the other hand, there is Lactobacillus salivarius another strain included in Pro-X10 and it functions to improve oral health through minimizing the number of bacteria present in the mouth that are responsible for the formation of plaques. There is also another strain, S. boulardii, which help improve the body’s immune system through the increase of blood cell count, and also reducing cell inflammation at stressful periods.

Reasons Why You Should Take Pro-X10

  • Microencapsulated –  As mentioned, Pro-X10 adapted this technology which helps the probiotics constituents to reach the stomach in excellent condition so it can be absorbed by the body and work its functions. Other probiotic products are not so effective because their probiotics are not protected throughout their journey through the GI tract.
  • Guaranteed Fresh – the packaging guarantees fresh probiotics because these microorganisms are quite sensitive to the environment. With the properly-sealed packaging, it is guaranteed that you will get a potent probiotic formulation to keep your digestive system healthy.
  • Helps improve digestive function – Since probiotics are essential to the optimum function of the digestive system, you will be protected from the risk of developing common gastrointestinal ailments such as diarrhea, constipation, and ulcer.
  • Better immune system – A healthy digestive system means that you also develop a healthier immune system, keeping you protected from illnesses and allowing injuries to heal a bit faster.

Should You Use Pro-X10?

Yes, you should because this product is for everyone. You don’t have to suffer from certain gastrointestinal problems, because Pro-X10 can be a preventive supplement for your digestive system. On top of that, this product also helps you lose weight. In the modern lifestyle, there are many factors that can affect healthy living and food is one of them. People tend to eat more processed food which can be detrimental to the health in the long run.

What is the Catch?

Unfortunately, Pro-X10 is not a miracle drug that you might expect it to be and it does not have the power to shed off those excess pounds instantly. While it is healthy for you due to the probiotic component, you still need to observe a healthy diet to achieve your desired results. Exercising can help improve the results as well as promote healthy living as well.

This product is a twice-daily regimen that should accompany meals. For some people that can be a real annoyance because you need to remember when to take your dose that it becomes a responsibility.


Losing weight does not happen overnight; it should be done on a consistent manner just as you would in maintaining a healthy digestive system. With Pro-X10, you can actually help yourself achieve a healthy digestive system so you will avoid gastrointestinal problems that could be a hindrance to your activities. Stay healthy and choose to live healthy with Pro-X10 as your friend.


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