What are The Potential Side Effects of Probiotics?

By on December 11, 2014

Probiotics have been linked to helping people that wish to lose weight faster. These can be found in some of the foods you eat, but they can also be taken in supplement form at higher levels. Not only can they help with weight loss, but they have been known to be helpful concerning certain health conditions as well.

Now, take into consideration that they have been included in studies. Results are solid, but there are also side effects that can be experienced. So, what are the side effects? And, what do they mean for you when weighing out the decision whether or not to include them in your dietary regimen?

First of all, while there have been conclusive and very positive studies, the results are limited. In other words, science says that the results of probiotics should be more extensively studied prior to its agreement with the positive benefits. WebMD – Diet

However, according to one very reputable site, one of the probiotics, lactobacillus is widely considered to be safe for most people. The only indication of any major side effects is that it can actually be disease causing if the person taking the supplement has an immune system that has been weakened.

Furthermore, infection as a side effect can be seen in people that have developed short bowel syndrome. However, it should be reiterated that again, probiotics are naturally occurring and widely considered to be mostly safe. If you have any questions concerning whether or not they are right for you to take as a supplement, all you would have to do is check with your doctor.

These are not some type of synthetic medication that have many side effects and are going to be immediately struck down by a health professional. Many health professionals tout the benefits of taking probiotics for weight loss.

side effects of probiotics

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