Is Pro-X10 Scam or Genuine?

By on July 9, 2014

Biotrust_Pro-X10_Logo_and_BottleIs Pro-X10 scam or genuine? When buying any product (especially the ones that you put inside your body), it is wise to get to know about them first. As there are thousands of pseudo manufacturers out there claiming that their product really works, you would never know who’s genuine and who’s not. Thus, doing a scrupulous research is just worth every second of your time. Below are the key steps to find out if the Pro-X10 is a bona fide product or not.

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Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization that collects and provides honest and unbiased reviews. The organization isn’t being paid to review products. Although the organization is called “Bureau” it is not affiliated with any government agency. When you visit BBB’s official site, check if the site has provided some reviews and ratings about the product. You may also email them and ask, is Pro-X10 scam or genuine?

Talk to Your Doctor

Print out Pro-X10’s product details complete with its ingredients and ask your physician, is Pro-X10 scam or genuine? Healthcare professionals are experts in determining the active ingredients contained in the product; therefore they can explain to you elaborately if the ingredients used are effective and safe or not.

Another important point to discuss here is that the official site of BioTrust’s Pro-X10 recommends the public must consult a physician first before taking any medication. If you were to check the website, you will see a statement provided by BioTrust to always consult a medical professional if you want to use their products. This is a great indication that the manufacturer truly cares for your safety as they give the customers the freedom and choice to decide whether to buy their products or not.

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Ask for a Friend or Family Member’s Recommendations

Getting some recommendations from people you knew is the best and safest way to see if the product is a scam or not. Ask your friends or family who have used (or are still using) the Pro-X10 if the product did work for them. Recommendations online is great, but it is much safer if you can personally talk to a trusted person about the product. WikiPedia – Weight Loss

Ask the FDA

Go to a local FDA department or visit their official website and ask if the Pro-X10 is genuine or not. Don’t forget to bring detailed product information when you discuss your concerns.  Again, if you were to check the Pro-X10’s site, BioTrust have provided a disclaimer and statement that all the information provided in the website have been evaluated by the FDA—another great indication that the manufacturer is never biased with their products.

Doing some research to check if a particular product is bona fide or not may require sacrificing your time and energy, but having to learn the truth out of that sacrifice is truly worth it. Not only can you protect your body from monster supplements, you can also avoid getting ripped off from manufacturers looking for people to scam. Now that you know the steps to answer my first question, let me ask you once more, is Pro-X10 scam or genuine?


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