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By on December 5, 2014

Protein drinks can be very beneficial for your health. They can curb sugar cravings, boost energy levels, help build lean muscle, repair muscle tissue after a workout and burn excess fat. With a raft of different protein drinks on the market, how do you find one that will be a perfect fit?
Look for a protein drink that contains organic whey. Organic whey contains an ingredient call glutathione complex which helps detoxify and cleanse the body of toxins. Glutathione also supports your immune system and helps fight the ageing process. With those kinds of benefits, it is worth consuming organic whey protein every day.

Of course, you could go one step further and find a protein drink which contains the very best combination of proteins available today. As already stated organic whey protein is very important. If you add organic micellar casein, organic whey isolate and organic milk protein solids you have an incredibly well balanced protein drink.

Is there a company that makes such a protein drink? There sure is, they are called BioTrust. This company only uses organic ingredients to ensure you have the best products at your fingertips. BioTrust is one of the leading brands in the health food industry. The blend is made equal amounts of the above proteins to ensure your body is getting the right amount in every serve. The most important thing about the blend is the combination of whey and casein proteins. The whey will feed your muscles straight away. The casein takes longer for the body to digest so it will continue to feed your muscles of a period of a few hours.

When combined these ingredients become the most powerful tool you have to build lean muscle mass and burn excess fat at the same time. It’s really quite ingenious. What other ingredients should be included in a protein drink? Vitamins and minerals which are natural, not synthetic, naturally sweetened with organic Stevia or erythritol, free from artificial hormones, free from artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors and tastes great. These are just a few things to consider; next time you purchase a protein drink.

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