What is a Probiotic?

By on December 11, 2014

A probiotic is an organism similar to bacteria or yeast. Probiotics are thought to improve ones digestive health by promoting healthy bacteria in the gut.

When the gut has healthy bacteria it helps people to digest and use their food more properly. The good bacteria will thrive and the bad bacteria will die or be eliminated with waste.

Often doctors will recommend using a probiotic if a person is taking antibiotics, prone to yeast infections or has other digestive issues.

There are more than 500 kinds of bacteria and the digestive system is home to all of them. This bacteria works to help clear the body of impurities. It helps to clean the intestines and the digestive tract and help digest and eliminate foods properly.

It is also believed that the bacteria helps to promote a healthier immune system. Many doctors believe that when the digestive system is disrupted the introduction of probiotics will help things to balance out more quickly. http://www.webmd.com/living-healthy

They help to reduce the incidence of stomach and digestive ailments and ensure that the healthy bacteria is flourishing in the gut. When the body is in perfect balance things just seem to go much more smoothly.

Probiotics are available in supplement form in most grocers and health food stores. Some will need to be refrigerated and others will not so always read labeling carefully.

Anytime there is a stomach ailment, digestive issues, antibiotics have been taken or even a yeast infection, probiotics should help to reduce the incidence and speed the body to healing and a quick recovery.

If wondering if probiotics might help be sure to discuss the benefits of probiotics with the doctor and give it a try. It is amazing that one simple pill can help the digestive issues that have bothered someone for decades vanish.

What is a probiotic

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