The Top 5 Fruits for FAST Weight Loss – Blueberries [Part 5]

By on March 12, 2018

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The Best Fruits For Fast Weight Loss: Click Image To Download

The Best Fruits For Fast Weight Loss

The best fruits for fast weight loss: The health benefits of blueberries, with their dark pigment indicative of their rich polyphenol content, have been demonstrated in various nutrition studies. Research suggests that these nutritional powerhouses may have cardioprotective effects as well as benefits ranging from anti-aging to optimized metabolic health.

Researchers from Texas Women’s University recently demonstrated that the polyphenols in blueberries might play a significant role in reducing body fat. Specifically, the researchers found that these compounds inhibited the formation of fat cells.

The Best Fruits For Fast Weight Loss: Click Image To Download

What’s more, researchers from New Zealand found that consumption of blueberries may also accelerate muscle recovery when combined with exercise. Specifically, folks who consumed a blueberry smoothie before and after exercise experienced reduced muscle soreness and accelerated recovery of strength, which translates to more frequent exercise and improved performance. That also adds up to help prevent the loss of calorie-burning muscle when dieting. Simply put, muscle loss contributes to decreased metabolism, looking “skinny fat,” and rapid rebound weight gain when resuming a “normal” eating routine after a diet—all things you don’t want.

Anthocyanins, the colorful antioxidant pigments blueberries their rich color, are well-known for their wide-ranging health benefits, including optimizing carbohydrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Specifically, cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G), which is a member of the anthocyanin family, has been shown to enhance insulin efficiency and improve carbohydrate metabolism, both of which have major implications for optimizing fat loss and weight management.

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blueberriesWhat’s more, anthocyanins have been shown to have a unique effect on fat cells, and this has led researchers to state that they may play an intricate role in improving metabolic health. As a matter of fact, researchers investigating the effects of anthocyanins on fat cells (i.e., adipocytes) concluded, “Anthocyanins have a significant potency of anti obesity and ameliorate adipocyte function” and they also have “important implications for preventing metabolic syndrome.

The myriad benefits associated with blueberries may also be extended to other dark colored berries, which also contain a wealth of antioxidant phytochemicals and appetite satisfying fiber.

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