The BioTrust Low Carb Side Effects

By on July 14, 2014

Biotrust_Lowcarb_Logo_and_BottleThere are no serious BioTrust Low Carb Side Effects. BioTrust Low Carb Dietary Supplement is a protein mixture that is consisted mainly of two types of natural dietary fibers called Inulin and Stevia. And so, if you really want to know more about the BioTrust Low Carb Side Effects, the best way to do it is to know more about what Inulin and Stevia are.

What is Inulin? BioTRUST Low Carb Ingredients

Inulin is a natural extract from a common Chicory plant. Inulin belongs to a group of dietary fibers which is called Fructans. And fructans are not really new to us. They can also be found in common edible materials such as onions, garlics, asparagus, leeks, wheat and bananas.  Since it is an organic substance, it is proven to be safe, especially when used appropriately.

Inulin is a great substance for losing weight because it can enhance the health and function of your bowel and it can also diminish your body’s natural potential to form certain types of fats. However, Inulin may contribute to one of the BioTrust Low Carb Side Effects, which is stomach upset. Since Inulin works directly on your bowel movement, you may experience minor stomach problems when taking BioTrust Low Carb Dietary Supplement.

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What is Stevia?

Stevia is another natural substance extracted from shrubs and herbs that are usually found in the tropics and subtropics of the western regions of North and South America. Stevia, also known as sweet leaf, is a substance not only popular for helping people to lose weight, it is also famous for aiding in the treatment of certain health problems such as high blood pressure, heartburn, as well as diabetes. Just like Inulin, Stevia is proven to be safe and does not cause any adverse side effects on the body.

Why BioTrust Low Carb is Safe

It is great to know that BioTrust Low Carb Dietary Supplement is only consisted of organic and safe to ingest substances. But just to give you a heads up, dieting with low carbohydrates may be associated with minor digestive problems. Low intakes of fiber may result to minor digestive discomforts. Also, since it takes longer for fats and proteins to be converted into energy as compared to carbohydrates, dieting with low carbohydrates may also cause lack of energy. Before you start using the BioTrust Low Carb Dietary Supplement, it is definitely a good idea to read more about the BioTrust Low Carb Side Effects and Low Carb Diet in general.


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