Effects of Leptin Resistance

By on December 11, 2014

The hormone leptin is sometimes referred to as the “fat” hormone, as issues relating to it can lead to obesity. Leptin is released by fat cells and travels to the area of the brain responsible for controlling appetite. Leptin thus regulates energy balance in the body and helps control the impulse to overeat.

If the brain cannot ascertain when the body is full and eating should cease, it is possible to always feel hungry and eat to excess. The result is often unwanted weight gain that can be hard to shed. This is referred to as leptin resistance, and it results from long-term overexposure to unusually high levels of this particular hormone.

There are many symptoms which can point toward leptin resistance, and anyone experiencing them should consult with a personal care physician. Steps can be taken to correct the situation, but it is important to recognize key symptoms, including:

*Excessive feelings of stress
*Insatiable appetite
*Nighttime carbohydrate cravings
*Thyroid issues
*Increased fatigue
*Elevated overall cholesterol levels
*Elevated triglycerides
*High blood glucose
*Fatty liver
*Trouble sleeping


Fortunately, steps to exist that can help combat leptin resistance and make it easier to maintain a normal weight. It is important to ensure that daily food intake contains roughly 30% protein. Boosting Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet can also make a big, positive difference. Consuming quality sources of zinc such as organic meat, clean shellfish and whole grains is also recommended for those who are found to be leptin resistant.

Regular, vigorous exercise is essential to achieving leptin balance in those experiencing trouble. Furthermore, crash diets and fasting are strict no-nos for anyone attempting to get leptin levels and sensitivity back in line. Ultimately, by heeding the tips outlined above, anyone who has struggled with excess weight due to leptin resistance can take control of the situation in a permanent way.

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