The Symptoms of Leptin Resistance

By on July 14, 2014

The reality of leptin-ResistanceLeptin resistance is something that affects many people on a daily basis and is a condition that occurs when the body contains excessive amounts of insulin and leptin. This high level of leptin and insulin is caused by a high intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates. It is also caused by lack of exercise and poor eating habits, which causes excess fat that is stored in the body. With this condition, there are symptoms that are associated with this condition. There are also ways to treat and reverse leptin resistance.

Leptin resistance is caused by refined, non-nutrient, and fatty foods that are digested that results in excess insulin production. As a result, more fat and leptin is stored in the body. As weight is gained to signal the hypothalamus, which stimulates metabolic processes for energy use and weight loss, the body secretes leptin. The body ceases to respond to leptin and insulin and communication breaks down. As a result, this causes constant hunger, constant fatigue, lowered metabolism, blood sugar highs and lows and high cholesterol.

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There are a plethora of symptoms that are associated with leptin resistance. Some of the symptoms are late night eating and stress eating, which will cause a person to eat unhealthy foods. As a result, a person can gain weight over time. Uncontrollable cravings, especially for sweets and refined carbohydrates is another symptom associated with leptin resistance. This is because it causes high amounts of insulin and leptin in the body. There are also dietary and weight issues that are associated with leptin resistance. They include yo-yo dieting, weight gain around the midsection and an inability to reach a goal weight no matter the amount of effort of exercising and dieting put into losing weight. Thyroid symptoms and infertility are the more serious symptoms that are associated with leptin resistance.

fat_burning_hormoneFortunately, there are ways to reverse leptin resistance. Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet can help a person reverse leptin resistance. A person can also reverse leptin resistance by exercising regularly. Supplements are also available that can help a person reverse this condition. LeptiBurn is one popular dietary supplement that can be used, which controls everything that is related to fat and weight loss. Overall, leptin resistance is a serious condition that can cause severe health illnesses with its critical symptoms, but there are also a number of helpful and easy ways to reverse leptin resistance.

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