What is leptin resistance and how does it affect our body?

By on December 11, 2014


There are different kinds of hormones found in the human body, and each of them plays a different role from the other. Leptin is one of the hormones found in the body. Even though this hormone is not familiar to most people, it plays a significant role in both men and women. Leptin hormone is produced by fat cells found in our body and more food increases the amount of leptin.

What is leptin resistance?

The main purpose of leptin hormone is to regulate the amount of calories that your body digests. When you are eating, you increase the amount of leptin in your body. If your body has had enough, the leptin hormone sends a signal to the brain so that you can stop craving for more calories. Calories are not the primary cause of weight gain, according to scientist leptin contributes eighty percent of this condition.

What causes leptin resistance?

A number of factors cause leptin resistance. However, the three major factors are inflammation, consumption of fatty acids and increase of fat in the body. These factors interfere with how the brain extracts information from the leptin hormone. Because of this reason, your body continues to digest more food without the feeling of satisfaction. WikiPedia – Fitness

Leptin resistance symptoms

Leptin resistance can be identified at an early stage. However, the symptoms may be different for patients who are suffering from the same disorder. Here are some of the symptoms shown by people who are suffering from leptin resistance.

1. Weight gain

2. Mood swing, especially in women
3. Excessive eating.

4. Increase of cholesterol in the body.

5. High blood sugar and lastly

6. Sleeping disorder, such as insomnia

These are the first symptoms that you will notice a week after leptin resistance has started progressing in your body.


Leptin resistance can be prevented before it is too late. All you need to do is avoid eating processed food and eat soluble fiber to improve your health. Another critical factor in winning against leptin resistance is physical exercise, in order to reverse the damage caused by the hormone.

leptin resistance symptoms

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