Leptin and Leptin Resistance 101

By on July 14, 2014

Leptin resistanceFat cells produce a hormone called leptin. This hormone is in charge of regulating energy expenditures and the feeling of hunger. It also controls the amount of fat that accumulates in the body. When a specific level is reached by the stored fat, hunger is reduced.

Leptin suggests to the body that it has enough to eat. Thus, it is responsible for the feeling of fullness so the body will not crave food. It has a significant role in controlling weight and appetite. Some people who are obese have problems with their leptin so they always demand for greater food quantity. This condition is called leptin resistance. The brain does not get the signal that there is a need to stop eating. This results in consuming more food. If leptin levels become higher, the person becomes fatter.

Other negative effects of leptin resistance include rapid aging and decline in fertility. Also, a person with high levels of leptin is prone to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

The exact cause of leptin resistance is still unknown until now. One hypothesis regarding its cause is that leptin does not reach the area of brain that regulates the appetite. It cannot regulate the receptors that signal a person to stop eating.

Other factors that are seen to contribute to higher levels of leptin are lack of sleep and high level of insulin and stress. Eating simple carbohydrates and consuming fructose, leptin and grain also affect leptin levels negatively. Too much exercise and overeating have bad effects as well.

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Biotrust_leptiburn_Explanation_VideoAccording to Richard Atkinson, MD, an obesity expert in Virginia Commonwealth University, the discovery of leptin in 1994 gives hope to treating obesity problems. It paves way to determining the physiological basis of obesity. http://www.dailydietblog.com/

Leptin response can be improved by minimizing starch and sugar intake. Eating food with protein and Omega 3 and going to bed early also help. Try to avoid eating snacks as much as possible. Eating constantly makes the liver and hormones work without break. Exercising in the evening is also more preferable because it supports the hormone levels more. Getting rid of toxins can improve leptin resistance as well. This can be done by avoiding processed food.

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There are also supplements that help improve leptin resistance. They can reduce your leptin level so you can achieve your desired weight. Your craving for food can also be regulated. This will make it easier for you to stick to your diet.

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