How the Hormone Leptin Affects Your Ability to Lose Weight

By on July 14, 2014

Biotrust_Leptiburn_Logo_and_BottleMany of us would love to know the secret to losing weight painlessly and quickly. We follow the well-known rule of thumb of exercising more and eating less, but ironically, we plateau and don’t see the results that we should based on our efforts.

There really is a scientific reason behind this phenomenon, and it’s not just all in our heads.

Our bodies produce a hormone called leptin, which is known as the “starvation hormone,” which is created in our fat cells. The more satisfied our bodies are with the level of food we are taking in, the more leptin our bodies produce. When it is satisfied with its levels of leptin, the body will increase its metabolic activity. This metabolic activity converts food into energy and also allows our bodies to burn stored fat.

However, when we exercise more and eat less, and the body has fewer calories to convert into energy, our levels of leptin begin to diminish, lowering the body’s desire to allow higher levels of metabolic activity to occur to convert food and fat into energy, and the body goes into starvation mode. This is a survival mechanism that goes back to the days humans lived in caves.

Ironically, the less we eat, the less we are able to lose the fat and extra weight we are so eager to shed.

Another occurrence happens when a person has been overweight for a long period of time. A body that carries additional fat will have high levels of leptin, but overtime, with so much leptin always available, the body becomes “leptin resistant” and loses its sensitivity to the hormone. According to WebMD, this resistance to leptin is similar to insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes, in which the pancreas produces large amounts of insulin, but the body doesn’t respond to it properly.

Since it was discovered by scientists as recent as 1994, we now understand the effect leptin has on our bodies’ ability to lose weight, and that there really is a reason why some people constantly diet, but cannot achieve their weight loss objectives. Now modern-day scientists have been able to conduct extensive research to ascertain what substances can be taken to increase the production and sensitivity to leptin. The company BioTrustTM has developed a diet supplement called LeptiburnTM that stimulates the production of leptin and also makes the body more sensitive to it.

Leptiburn is composed of six ingredients that studies have shown to increase production and sensitivity to leptin, They include an extract from the African Mango called irvingia gabonensis, and the Chinese herb panax notoginseng or “shan qi,” – both increase the body’s leptin sensitivity; an extract from olive leaves called oleanolic acid, and the seaweed extract Modifilian® – both increase leptin production; and the natural extracts yerbe mate and green tea – both enhance the body’s ability to burn fat.

Today, with our knowledge of leptin, scientists have been able to conduct research to learn how we can surpass the obstacles that this “starvation hormone” has thrown in our paths to reaching our diet goals.


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