Facts About Leptin-Containing Foods

By on December 11, 2014

If you are among those having difficulty maintaining a sound diet, cannot seem to kick your junk food habit or are always looking for a late-night snack, it may be that your leptin levels are out of balance. Leptin is a critical hormone known for regulating sensations of hunger and of feeling full. Because leptin comes from fat tissues, the heavier you are, the likely your leptin levels are likely to be high.

Some experts believe that the presence of leptin is not in and of itself a problem, but rather that many obese invidivudals are characterized by a sort of leptin resistance that prevents the hormone’s ability to effectuate weight loss. As a result, such individuals may eat a great deal of food, yet still feel incredibly hungry. This leads to overindulgence and weight gain.

To bring leptin levels and sensitivity back in line with good health, it is important to be careful about the types of foods ingested with regularity. Food high in Omega-3 fatty acids including grass-fed meat, fish and chia seeds are beneficial, as are dark green, leafy items such as spinach. Hearty amounts of protein-rich foods such as eggs can also induce satiety and facilitate appropriate levels of hormone production. WikiPedia – Weight Loss

Again, it is not so much a matter of eating foods that are high in leptin, as that would not solve the problem, even if such foods could be absorbed in an effective way. In reality, the key is to eat foods that work to regulate leptin sensitivity. In this way, the body will be much better able to sense fullness, turn off the appetite and signal the metabolism to start using up the fuel gained from foods eaten. When everything is working in synchrony, the result should be a greater ability to lose weight.

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