Effects of Leptin on Weight Loss

By on December 11, 2014

Leptin is the hormone responsible for the regulation of fat production in the body. Aside from decreasing fat production, leptin also plays a role in managing hunger levels and has been used as a remedy for obese persons. Nonetheless, although leptin does have positive effects on the human body, some people%u2019s bodies develop a resistance of the same especially if too much fat -is stored in adipose tissues. Leptin resistance means the body will be unable to control how the body converts glucose into fats, meaning chances of becoming overweight are increased.

Good amounts of leptin in the body however do stimulate weight loss. This is because the hormone induces a heightened respiration rate, metabolism and even make neuroendocrine functions amplified. This is to say that, once the body system notices excess fats in the system, the neurotransmitters send a signal to the brain, which in return shuts down production of the same. It is for this reason why many people today are taking on leptin supplements to help tone down or maintain a perfect body figure. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_fitness

Leptin supplements play a factor in weight loss in that, as soon as one takes these supplements, the brain registers there are enough fat molecules in store for emergency energy production. This false-positive alarm also makes the brain perceive that one is full as well. For this reason, the body is forced to turn to the already stored fats in adipose tissues for energy. This, therefore, contributes greatly to the body%u2019s ability to tone down and retain the tissue mass instead.

Although leptin does have a positive impact on weight loss, this doesn%u2019t mean you can enjoy all the deep-fried and factory manufactured foods you can find. Taking excess of fats can lead to leptin resistance, which will only make the condition worse as the brain will be unable to register fat molecules are in excess in the bloodstream.

how leptin affects weight loss

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