A Look At The Main Differences Between Leptin And Ghrelin

By on December 11, 2014

Leptin and Ghrelin are both hormones produced by the body and play an important role in our appetite. Each of these hormones has its own role and the two are commonly referred to as the “hunger hormones”. The Leptin hormone is produced by the body’s fat cells and is responsible for decreasing appetite. Ghrelin on the other hand is produced by Ghrelin cells which are found in the gastrointestinal tract and function as neuropeptides. This hormone plays an important role in body weight as they increase appetite.

As you can already see, both of these hormones are quite different in terms of where they are produced and how they function. To better understand the two, let’s go a bit in depth and disseminate them.


Ghrelin is primarily produced in our stomachs and acts as an appetite increaser. It is thought that this hormone is responsible for alerting the brain that one is hungry. Studies show that ghrelin levels will usually vary depending on one’s state. In anorexic people, there are increased levels of ghrelin as compared to the levels of the hormone in those that are obese. http://www.medindia.net/nutrition-data/index.asp


Of the two hormones, Leptin, which is an appetite suppressor, seemingly plays a bigger role in how bodies balance energy. It is also believed that Leptin actually helps the body regulate Ghrelin. This hormone main function is to signal the brain has more than enough energy stored in the form of body fat. As such, the more fat one has in their body, the more Leptin they have in their blood. However, in many obese cases, the people do not respond to the hormones signals even though they have more Leptin levels in their bodies. Nonetheless, the levels of Leptin in the body will usually vary depending on several factors like your sleeping patterns and the last time you ate.

In conclusion, Leptin and Ghrelin are vital hormones that regulate each other. You can call one the negative and the other the positive as each serves a completely different role from the other. All in all, these two determine our hunger and appetite levels.

difference between leptin and ghrelin

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