Is IC-5 Scam or Genuine?

By on July 14, 2014

Millions of consumers are now becoming more cautious when buying health supplements because of the many incidences where users have been scammed into taking fake health supplements.

In fact, the public is yet to forget the report that made headlines some time back, regarding an individual who died after taking a particular brand of muscle-building supplements. Because of these upsetting events then, many stopped using all health supplements.

BioTrust Nutrition though, stands exactly in the opposite part of the supplement market, inhabited by companies who take risks with their clients health and their own repuatation. Weight Loss – Health

BioTRUST IC-5 Side Effects – Is IC-5 scam or genuine? 100% genuine.

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BioTrust is one of the most reputable and trusted health supplement manufacturers in the world. It has produced several supplements for weight loss and muscle building including, including IC-5.

  1. Only scientifically verified dosages are recommended by the manufacturer. BioTrust use only the exact amount of dosage a single person should consume in a day. This is why all of the products that BioTrust creates, are highly effective and safe. No “dusting” of an ingredient are added which is what other manufacturers often do in order to earn extra money. At BioTrust, you are provided only with the necessary amount of each ingredient to make each product safe.
  2. BioTrust use all-natural raw ingredients. Synthetic ingredients, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, and preservatives are never used in BioTrust’s products.
  3. BioTrust’s products are created by world class formulators and scientists. BioTrust is composed of the world’s renowned medical experts, researchers, chemists, nutritionists, and fitness experts. With these brilliant intellect and skills pooled together, they have created BioTrust’s top-of-the-lineproducts. Each of their product and the active ingredients contained in the products were evaluated, assessed, and approved by healthcare leaders with at least 15 to 20 years of experience in making health supplements.

Currently, BioTrust continues to undergo a very stringent 7-Stage Research and Testing Protocol, in order to supply only the safest and most effective health supplements out there —another great indication that BioTrust truly cares about its customers.


So with all of this information about Bio trust’s products out there, the question od whether IC-5 is a scam, or is genuine, hardly needs to be asked? It passes the credibility “sniff test” with flying colors.

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