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By on January 8, 2015

The best sources of pure protein come from whole natural foods. While supplements can be a great addition to your diet, they should not replace healthy meals. Real food tastes better than dietary supplements. Most people would prefer to eat a freshly cooked steak over a pre-packaged meal any day.

With pure protein sources such as lean red meats, chicken, duck, pheasant, fish, shellfish, eggs and nuts are much better for you. Combining these pure protein sources with lots of vegetables is more filling and satisfying than a dietary supplement.

Some of the other benefits of making meals at home include:

Improved Taste: Food always tastes better when it is fresh. It is healthier as vitamins, minerals and amino acids have not had a chance to break down. You receive the highest level of nutrition available when consuming fresh food.

No Artificial Ingredients: Organic meat is the best way to avoid artificial hormones and other additives. Non-organic meats often contain things like saline solution to add volume, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives and colors. Frozen and pre-packaged meats should also be avoided. The sodium and sugar levels in these products can increase blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Both of these things can lead to hypertension and diabetes.

Feel More Satisfied: Eating is far more satisfying than living on a liquid diet of dietary supplements. Chewing stimulates the digestive process and stimulates the metabolism. The harder the digestive system has to work to break down food, the more calories are burned. This is particularly true with protein. It takes the body between 24 and 72 hours to digest meat. During this time a process called thermogenesis starts. Thermogenesis raises the body temperature and burns fat at the same time. http://www.webmd.com/diet/

As you can see there are many good reasons to consume pure protein on a daily basis. Not only will food taste better, you will lose weight, build lean muscle mass, have more energy and feel years younger. These are all very good reasons to introduce more protein into your diet and lower your carbohydrate intake.


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