Nutrition bars sound healthy

By on January 8, 2015

In the last few years nutrition bars have become very popular. In fact, many people now use nutrition bars as a meal replacements and weight loss supplements. Unfortunately there are many nutrition bars on the market that aren’t very healthy for you. Some of the most popular brands contain very questionable ingredients and are nothing more than a glorified chocolate bar.

Recent studies have shown that 19 out of 32 nutrition bars tested didn’t have the required amount of ingredients as shown on the label. For example, the amount of carbohydrate in the nutritional bars was much higher than was mentioned on the label. Alternatively, the protein levels were much lower than what was written on the label.

The vast majority of leading brands contain other cheap products. These include but are not limited to: artificial coloring agents, artificial sweeteners made from chemicals, artificial flavors used to improve taste, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, malitol and enriched flour. That’s pretty disturbing when you think about it.

A high quality nutrition bar should be free from these ingredients. It should also be made from organic products which are known to better for your health. The label should represent exactly what is in the product. If the label says there is 20 grams of protein in every bar, then that is what you should get, not the opposite. The same rule applies for carbohydrate and fibers.

So how can you make sure that you are getting what you are paying for? Find a company that stands behind the products they sell. A company that will happily have all of their products analyzed to prove that’s what is on the label is in the product. Which company are we talking about? BioTrust. The Co-founders of the company are dedicated to providing their customers with the best products. The co-founders consume all of their own products because they are jam packed with high quality nutritional ingredients. If you are looking for the best nutrition bars on the market today, then you can’t go past BioTrust.

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