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By on December 5, 2014

Are nutrition bars all they are cracked up to be? Years ago they were limited to the gym and health food store, now you can find them at the convenience store and on the supermarket shelf. Many manufacturers claim they will help you lose weight by making you feel full and curbing your appetite. They also claim you will build muscle and get an energy boost. That’s an awful lot to get from one little bar isn’t it?

As there are so many bars on the market, it is imperative you know how find one that is truly good for you. Most nutrition bars contain 15 to 20 grams of protein but are loaded with sugar to make them taste good. If you are following a low carb eating plan then you won’t want to eat this type of bar.
Other questionable ingredients you find in most energy bars are: high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, aspartame, splenda, oleic safflower oil, glycerol and maltodextrin to name a few. All of these ingredients are put through chemical processes that make them hazardous to your health. Eating these products can increase weight, interfere with natural hormone levels, raise blood sugar and put stress on your heart and other organs. Lifestyle – MedIndia

So what’s the solution? Find a nutrition bar which is free from these ingredients. It isn’t as hard as it sounds. BioTrust Protein bars are high in nutrition and will help you burn fat at the same time. These protein bars have become an industry leader and are certified organic under the USDA guidelines.

These nutrition bars contain 20 grams of organic protein and over 10 grams of organic fiber. BioTrust nutrition bars are also the first organic protein bar in the health food industry which has been made from whey protein. If you carefully examine the ingredients on other leading nutrition bars you will see that the protein source they use comes mostly from soy and cheap gelatin.
The BioTrust protein bar is a completely balanced meal in a bar. Instead of grabbing a fast food snack for lunch eat a BioTrust protein bar instead. It’s a great way to get all the nutrition you need without all the excess fat, carbohydrates and calories other bars contain.

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