How Insulin Resistance Hinders Weight Loss

By on December 11, 2014

Many people grow extremely frustrated by the fact that no matter what they do or what type of diet they eat, they simply cannot lose those last few stubborn pounds. They feel hunger pangs all day long and never seem to be fully rested. Experts are beginning to understand that insulin resistance may be the cause of all of this malaise and are offering new guidance that may help combat the issue.

Insulin is the trigger that helps the body process the sugars contained in food. This, in turn, sparks the metabolism. But, if insulin is not working properly, the entire system breaks down, more carbohydrates are craved and weight gain often follows.

Those who believe they may be suffering from insulin resistance that is impeding their weight loss efforts can take several steps to help solve the issue. Dietary changes are essential, including consciously adding additional healthy proteins each day. These can be organic eggs, cheese, nut butter and grass-fed meats.Fresh produce and healthy oils are also ideal add-ins.

Exercise can improve insulin function dramatically. Routine exertion can open cells to effectively receive the sugars from food, combating the scourge of insulin resistance. This helps curb the nonstop cravings and the inevitable weight gain that follows. WebMD – Fitness

Finally, proper sleep is key to making the whole system work in way that facilitates maintenance of a healthy weight. Insufficient sleep can result in overproduction of ghrelin, a hormone that spikes the appetite. When ghrelin meets insulin resistance, fatigue and weight gain are the inescapable consequences.Therefore, make getting enough sleep each night a real priority in order to combat the manifestations mentioned above.

Clearly, insulin resistance is factor in the obesity from which so many suffer. Fortunately, by making a few relatively simple lifestyle adjustments, it is possible to take control of the situation once and for all.

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