Suffering From A High Blood Sugar?

By on December 11, 2014

ave you ever wondered why you are  experiencing hunger quite often throughout the day? Let’s say you just finished breakfast and one hour later you are hungry again. Perhaps you cannot describe this as hunger exactly, but more like the mood for something sweet perhaps? In most cases, this is related to a high blood sugar level. A high blood sugar level is caused by consuming foods that are rapidly being absorbed by your blood, which causes your blood sugar level to rise. Fortunately, this could also be avoided quite easily.

Most foods that cause this dilemma are foods that have been highly processed and are usually made in the factory. Great examples of this are white sugar and white flour, which should in fact be avoided at all costs. On the other hand, anything that is prepackaged is most likely not going to do your health a favor. Instead, you should always consume natural and unprocessed foods, the way that nature intended.

Let’s say you are eating a carrot. Your body needs time to process this carrot and extract its sugars. Because of this, the sugars within the carrot are slowly being released into the blood stream. This also means that there is not a high blood sugar peak, which could be expected if you would eat a cupcake for example. But this also means that you will not be hungry as easily or as fast. In fact, it is an excellent way to lose weight and to regain control of your health. MedIndia – Obesity

Foods that contain purely protein, such as meats and fish and dairy products, are also an excellent way to control your blood sugar levels. These levels can only be affected by carbohydrates, which is why foods filled with protein do not affect him.

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