The Relationship Between Diabetes And Weight Loss

By on December 11, 2014

Diabetes and weight loss have a relationship. It is a relationship that can manifest in two different ways. One is good, but the other is not always.

The first way that diabetes and weight loss go hand in hand is that sudden weight loss can be a symptom of diabetes. Most lists of warning signs of diabetes include a very immediate drop in your total pounds without a lifestyle change to precipitate this.

What usually is going on here is that the person who recently had diabetes set in can no longer process insulin within their body. The cellular need for glucose means that the body turns to muscle and fatty tissues, meaning weight goes down. While any kind of weight loss might seem like a good thing, this kind of internal cannibalization is not healthy.

The other relationship that diabetes has with weight loss is the better one that you want. That is, proactive weight loss can prevent diabetes completely.

A common precursor to diabetes is known as insulin resistance, where a person has trouble producing insulin but is not fully diabetic yet. Weight loss in or before this stage can reverse insulin resistance and prevent full onset of diabetes. WebMD – Diet

Weight loss, or even muscle gain, helps to stabilize blood sugar and hormone levels throughout the entire body. A combination of exercise and diet is best to accomplish this. Diet does factor more than exercise, but dieting will not generate lean tissue mass that helps more than just losing fat.

Any diet that meets your body’s nutritional needs while still providing a caloric deficit can accomplish this reversal and prevention. Having said that, recent research seems to point in favor of diets that restrict sugar more than anything else. Healthy fats and carbs are okay in moderation.

diabetes and weight loss

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