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BioTRUST IC 5 Reviews – Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

dana-jacksonDoes IC 5 Work – How Can it Help You Lose Weight?……..”Control how you lose weight and improve how your body burns excess fat in addition to lowering the fat stored in the body. This can be done by using a IC 5 that helps regulate Insulin levels. You may think this is not possible, but in reality this is exactly what happens.  IC5 from Bio TRUST Nutrition achieves this, but how does it do this? Scientifically, it is a fact that extremely high or low levels of insulin can have an effect on how the body stores fat. IC 5 regulates insulin production, so therefore, it can help eliminate excess fat. But is this all true for the product and can it really help regulate your insulin levels and allow your body to utilize carbohydrates properly?”

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biotrust_ic-5_logoWhat You Need to Know About BioTRUST IC 5   This is a supplement that works well for everyone – everyone who needs to correct how the body responds to and produces insulin regularly. The truth is, manbiotrust-ic5y people easily give in to processed carbohydrates. When you do this, the blood sugar levels in the body fluctuate in uncontrollable amounts. As a result, the body tends to respond to this by producing too much insulin and this causes the body to develop a resistance to the  increased insulin levels. Consequently, the body goes into fat-storage mode, instead of taking the carbohydrates and turning it into energy for everyday use. This entire process therefore contributes to weight gain and even worse, obesity. Lowering carbohydrate consumption is not the only answer to this problem. What can be done here is to make sure the body produces the right amount of insulin allowing it to respond to the hormone naturally as it is supposed to do.

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How Can This Help Regulate Insulin Production and Carbohydrate Usage? Through the following ingredients, IC  5 can help exert its functions to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

  • biotrust_ic-5_facts_and_IngredientsBerberine – this plant alkaloid has been used for many years in India by Ayurvedic medicine practitioners. This ingredient improves the function of insulin receptors, making them more responsive to signals received and they also mobilize glucose to different skeletal muscles, instead of having them become fat stored in the body.
  • 4-Hydroxyisoleucine – this phytochemical is derived from Fenugreek herbs, which help lower the fat stored in the body as well as raise the glycogen stored. It also scientifically proven to improve the rate of fat loss.
  • Cinnamomum burmannil comes from the bark of a cinnamon plant in Indonesia. This ingredient is potent and is efficient in managing levels of blood sugar in the body following a heavy-carb meal.
  • Pterocarpus marsupium- is another ingredient popularly used in Ayurveda which is primarily used in treating diabetes. It can lower the blood sugar levels in just 2 hours following a meal rich in carbohydrates.

Who Should Take It? biotrust-ic5-b2g1fThere are so many people worldwide who yearn to lose the extra pounds that they are carrying, but with many fad diets it’s hard for  people to choose which program will suit them best or which is really effective for them.  What makes IC-5 stand out is that it is a safe natural product that is proven to work well, and suitable for anyone who wants to be successful in their search for an effective weight loss program. It is also great for those who run out of energy and have to rely on the energy-giving power of chocolate and caffeine just to last throughout the day. If you address your body’s ability to produce insulin, then you will dramatically improve the rate at which you lose weight.

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The Good Points

  • It’s made from natural ingredients; there are no preservatives or any forms of coloring involved in the manufacture of this product – just plain, healthy supplement.
  • The supplement helps the body respond to insulin naturally instead of leaving the body to develop resistance from too much insulin production.
  • The product also helps you lose excess fat, but that’s not just it – controlling the insulin production in the body helps avoid fluctuation of blood sugar levels which could be a cause of becoming easily tired and weak at certain time of the day.
  • Taking this supplement helps the body react safely and healthily to insulin, which helps carbohydrates be converted to energy, and not just go into fat storage. Consequently, there will be less fat to store and the body will find it easier to break down the stored fat and convert them to energy – which ultimately leads to weight loss.
  • The natural reaction process of the body to insulin, not only makes weight loss easier, it will also helps provide increased energy throughout the day. On top of that, you will sleep soundly since the body is working in a natural way.

The Bad Points – Is Biotrust IC 5 a Scam?

  • biotrust-ic5-b4g2fThere are not a lot of weak points for IC  5 but the fact is, if you use it together with a healthy eating and exercising regime, then this product can be a surefire ticket to successful weight loss. The bottom line is that it helps you lose weight in the most healthy and natural way possible.
  • With the amount of positive reviews and results from Biotrust customers, they have now proven to be one of the top and most respected supplement companies in the USA.

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The Verdict…

dana-jackson“It is great when you find a product that works and does not fall short of its claims, and that is what IC-5 has done. Anyone can benefit from this product even if you are fond of eating processed carbohydrates.  However, you still need to exercise and eat healthy food in order to attain your weight loss goals.  This is proven to help speed up the process of weight loss and aid turning your carbohydrate intake into energy, muscle and NOT fat.  IC  5 is good news for those of us who enjoy eating carbs…. it is a healthy option that will help you to achieve your weight loss goals.”

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