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By on July 11, 2013

All You Need to Know Review on African Mango Plus

With the dozens of available diet pills and supplements today, it’s hard to find one that suits your body’s needs perfectly. Retailers often claim their product as the new “wonder pill” that will magically get rid of all your unwanted pounds, only for the consumer to be disappointed by the product’s less-than-exemplary performance later.

African Mango Plus Pros

  • Fights Fatigue and Boosts Metabolism
  • Appetite Suppressant & Increases Energy
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

African Mango Plus Cons

  • May cause drowsines, but only for a short period
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Fortunately, the ancient natives of Cameroon were way ahead of medical experts and discovered a substance that just might be the best thing that’s happened to the dieting industry. African Mango, which only grows in the regions of Cameroon, Africa contains Irvingia Gabonensis which acts as an appetite suppressor, energy booster and detoxifier all in one. This seed extract was studied and placed into a handy, convenient capsule and thus the African Mango Plus diet supplement was created.

Let’s take a closer look on the properties of African Mango Plus and what makes it a perfect companion to the weight loss program.

What is African mango?

Also known as bush mango, the African mango is unique from other species of mango fruits due to the presence of Dikka nuts in its core. The natives of Cameroon where this particular mango fruit is native to have long since discovered the medicinal qualities of the mango’s seed. For centuries now, it has become a practice in certain villages in the African country to extract Irvingia Gabonensis from the mango’s seed and use it for various medicinal purposes.

African Mango Plus: Does it work?

Medical professionals have long since continued to prescribe natural solutions to almost all bodily issues and African Mango Plus is one of them. Due to the presence of a special seed extract called Irvingia Gabonensis, this unique diet supplement has been clinically tested to hasten the fat-burning process as well as suppress the appetite. In addition to replacing lost vitamins and minerals, African Mango Plus addresses two of the biggest problems encountered by dieters during the weight loss process.

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African Mango Plus Ingredients

In addition to its numerous vitamins and minerals, African Mango Plus contains Irvingia Gabonensis, the extract obtained from the Dikka nuts found in the core of the African mango. Recently featured on a popular medical-themed TV show on ABC, this special seed extract has many medicinal properties that ancient Cameroon villagers have discovered centuries ago and have recently been pursued as a weight loss agent.

Studies show that Irvingia Gabonensis has the unique ability to heighten the bloodstream’s Leptin levels. Leptin is a natural compound that that controls and maintains our body’s metabolism and appetite and this normally increases after eating a meal, giving us a feeling of fullness.

The recommended African Mango Plus dosage is 300 milligrams to be taken at two separate times in a day in 150mg capsules.

African Mango Plus Side Effects

There has been no known negative side effects when taking African Mango Plus, owing to the fact that it consists only of natural and approved substances and compounds.

Like all other diet supplements, African Mango Plus may sometimes cause drowsiness for a short period of time due to its effect on the body’s metabolism. The pill suppresses your appetite and makes you feel full, similar to what you may feel after eating a full meal so it may sometimes be unavoidable that you feel like taking a nap right after. Pregnant women and people suffering from medical conditions should ask their doctor for advice first before taking the pill as well, as it may interfere with the mechanisms of other medications.

Similar to all other types of ingested supplements, the effects of African Mango Plus may vary at times from one individual to another.

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African Mango Plus: Scam or Genuine?

The number of scams consumers often encounter on the internet these days are far too many that most people have become too scared to believe anything posted online. As a smart consumer, of course you want to verify the effectiveness of a product first before investing in it and with all the falsities on the internet these days, that’s become more challenging than is usually necessary.

The most effective way of separating the truth from the lies is to look up testimonials and recommendations made by people who have tried and tested the product as well as experts in medicine and nutrition. Personal experience is often the best teacher and who better to educate than a consumer who experienced for himself just how effective the product is.

One good example is Crystal from California, a consumer who has been using African Mango Plus regularly now who shared that this diet supplement has helped her lose 30 pounds of unwanted weight. Elizabeth Keynes from the United Kingdom said that she has spent years trying to get a flat belly but so far, only African Mango Plus has helped her achieve the body she has always dreamed.

You can find the testimonials of these women, along with those from dieters around the globe, online and see the truth yourself.

Where to Buy African Mango Plus

You can’t simply walk to any health food establishment or drug store and find African Mango Plus and it’s virtually impossible to find it anywhere online even in websites such as Amazon, Holland and Barrett and Boots. If you want to place your order, you can only do so HERE. Browse through the available articles and testimonials on this site on African Mango Plus and educate yourself on everything you need to know to make your decision.

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African Mango Plus Discounts and Coupons

This site offers a limited offer of US$149.95 for three bottles of African Mango Plus which saves you an extra US$150 dollars. You can also get three additional bottles free for this package, bringing up your supply to six months in total. For a three month supply, you can also purchase two bottles for only US$99.95 and get an extra bottle free from African Mango Plus.

If you simply want to try out the product first, you can also order one bottle, good for 30 days, for a retail price of US$49.95. The offers are all back with money back guarantee from the site so you can confidently order and take advantage of the limited discounts available.


dana-jacksonAfrican Mango Plus provides all-natural weight loss benefits without the negative side effects of most artificially-made medications. For a lower price compared to most outrageous diet supplement offers today, African Mango Plus does the job of three pills with the bonus of vitamins and minerals needed by our body to maintain good health and beautiful skin. I give full marks to this wonderful new solution to dieting problems.

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