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By on July 11, 2013

Acai berry has been one of the great success stories in the health and fitness world over the last few years. The small, purple berries from Acai palm trees are especially juicy for their diminutive stature.

While you see people recommending Acai for weight loss and better health in many, many places, the question is :

“Is it really as good as people from the health field are making it out to be”?

Well … if you’re looking for foods rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids, then you really can’t do too much better, than Acai berries. The high concentration of the former compound is what gives the berries their distinctive purple color.

Acai Berry Select ReviewWhat You Need to Know

Acai Berry Select Pros

  • Helps to Increase Your Bodies Metabolism
  • Fights against Fatigue & Increases Energy
  • Full 30-day money-back guarantee

Acai Berry Select Cons

  • Contains a small quantity of caffeine
Pure Health Approved Diet Supplement

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What is Acai Berry Select?

Acai Berry Select then, is one of many products on the market full of the powerful antioxidants and other health boosting compounds found in Acai berries. It’s made by extracting the natural, wholesome goodness from the berries and condensing it into a highly concentrated pill form. This allow the benefits of eating a large amount of the berries to be attained, without any of the calories, which makes it fast and easy to use. As far as weight loss agents go, Acai berry has really been lauded by the health and fitness community, and there are very good reasons for all the attention.

Does Acai Berry Select Work?

Acai Berry Select does work, but as with many aids, it’s not a stand alone miracle item. Don’t believe the hype about Acai berries telling you that you can lose 500% more fat in a week, or other outlandish claims. Get the facts.

While Acai berries, and therefore Acai Berry Select, do work, you will need to maintain your healthy lifestyle, if you want to maximize the benefits of this supplement. You of course will further boost the effectiveness of Acai Berry Select by eating well and getting your heart rate up more often, with exercise.

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Acai Berry Select Ingredients

Unlike many other weight loss supplements and aides, Acai Berry Select is made from only wholesome ingredients. No strange chemicals and compounds are included, which could have undesirable side effects. It’s just a highly concentrated dose of Acai berries; like eating a whole bag of them, by taking just a single pill.

There is nothing in Acai Berry Select that you’ve never heard of. Nothing which can cause you any nasty reactions – Acai Berry Select is absolutely not like dietary supplements that are out there. A full list of ingredients is available on their website, but you will find that it is surprisingly, and reassuringly short list.

Acai Berry Select Side Effects

There are no known adverse side effects to Acai berry consumption.

And because Acai Berry Select is made from pure and simple Acai berries, it comes with zero side effects to users. What you can expect, is an increase in your weight loss, an elevated level of energy, and you feeling fuller, longer and more often, while eating less to get that same “full” feeling.

The natural antioxidants and fiber found in Acai berry will also help your body to break down and remove potentially harmful free radicals, which are substances your body normally makes as by-products of living essentially.

Acai Berry Select Scam or Genuine?

Acai Berry Select does have genuine health benefits which anyone could enjoy, so it’s impossible to call the supplement a scam, in any way.

While some companies might make amazing claims about how Acai berry can help users to burn five times as much fat in the same span of time, the makers of Acai Berry Select make no such outlandish claims like that.

There’s definitely no scam here – and if you just want to help break down more of your body’s fat supply, get a boost in your energy levels, and feel fuller while simultaneously eating less, then you will really like this product.

It certainly works better than many other supplements on the market, but again, as mentioned earlier, it’s important to note Acai Berry Select isn’t a miracle cure, but it can be a HUGE help and give you, and your body a great head start in your weight loss efforts.

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Where to Buy Acai Berry Select

It’s not difficult at all to find Acai Berry Select and benefit from all the good things that this supplement can do for you.  But it is only available Direct from the Manufacturer..

Getting it direct from the manufacturer is the best method and it is certainly the easiest and fastest way to find Acai Berry Select.

Acai Berry Select Discounts and Coupons

Nobody likes to pay full price for anything, and the manufacturers do offer fantastic discounts.

They offer a “Buy 2 Months Supply and Get 1 Month Free Of Charge” package … or their Best Value is … “Buy 6-Months Supply … and Get 3 Months Supply Free.  No better discounts are available elsewhere online. In fact, the only discounts or coupons available, are direct from the manufacturer here

They also offer 3 Bonus products when ordering which are:-

  1. Get a FREE Membership to their very own “Weight Management Club”
  2. Get “71 Weight Loss Tips” eBook for immediate Download
  3. Get “Weight Loss Visualization” MP3 Download…Relax and listen to the soothing sounds of gentle water, with subliminal suggestions by a skilled Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. These powerful messages will help your self-image and inspire you to continue on your path. You’ll be re-programming your sub-conscious mind to see yourself slim again.

The  Acai Berry Select supplement is highly affordable even without these extra savings and bonuses. The sooner you get Acai Berry Select into your system, the sooner you can start losing weight really. It’s that simple.


dana-jackson“We think that Acai Berry Select is a quality product, that is well worthy of your investment. It’s a powerful potent little pill, and is sure to impress you with how much good it does for your body. However, as will all supplements, for more rapid results, a healthier diet and increased exercise, can only improve results.  Use Acai Berry Select in conjunction with a healthier diet plan, cut out fatty foods where you can, and boost your exercise, and you will see even faster results.

Read the “71 Tips” ebook that they supply with the product, or download “Lose 20lbs in 20Days” Diet Plan that we have here on the site, and make sure to take some exercise every day. Even just two  20-minute walks a day, will help make a massive difference. Do that, and you will feel the real benefit and weight loss power, of Acai Berry Select.”

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