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By on September 9, 2013

A Closer Look at 5 HTP: Your Definitive Review and Buying Guide

Mood is one the most important factors that define the success of an individual in his everyday life. A good mood and a positive outlook in life does wonders to get the job done and are often the key ingredients in achieving great things. Individuals in the process or pursuing weight loss are often burdened with mood depression as a side effect of consuming less food than the body requires and often fail to reach their desired weight goal because they’ve lost their will halfway through.

5-HTP Max Pros

  • Promotes feelings of Well-being  and Relaxed Mood
  • Pure Ingredients With No added Fillers or Binders
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

5-HTP Max Cons

  • May cause short term drowsiness
Pure Health Approved Diet Supplements

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Fortunately, medical experts have formulated a drug supplement that can address this problem directly and help dieters everywhere. 5-HTP Max is a unique, all-natural appetite suppressant which was designed to heighten and maintain the body’s happy hormone levels. This has revolutionized dieting as we know it so now more people can lose weight the natural and easy way without having to resort to surgeries just to shed off those unwanted pounds.

Let’s delve deeper into 5-HTP Max and how it works on the human body.

What is the 5-HTP?

5-HTP is a chemical compound produced from the amino acid tryptophan as the body makes serotonin, the most important hormone in mood regulation. This amino acid by-product is essential in increasing serotonin levels in the brain as it is the only key for the happy hormone to gain access through the tricky blood-brain barrier. Experts in the field of medicine consider 5-HTP to be among the best all-natural diet companions and appetite suppressants.

5-HTP Max: Does it work?

5-HTP works by improving one’s mood while simultaneously suppressing appetite and controlling weight gain. 5-HTP, the drug’s main ingredient, is produced by the body naturally from a protein called tryptophan and is then converted into the happy hormone called serotonin.

According to medical professionals, 5-HTP Max works better than simple serotonin supplements as it can penetrate the brain directly from the bloodstream and work its magic faster than serotonin. Serotonin cannot gain access easily into the brain as it needs certain chemicals and compounds in order to be granted entry. A supplement such as 5-HTP is essential in helping serotonin enter the brain, consequently increasing its levels and heightening good mood. The increase in serotonin would then result to suppression of your appetite and a feeling of fullness that would normally be acquired after a full meal.

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5-HTP Max Ingredients

5-HTP Max is a powerhouse of all-natural substances and products designed to balance the mood and suppress appetite, promoting a more positive state of mind and a healthier overall outlook in life. This drug supplement is a perfect companion to weight loss programs as it addresses both the problem of mental food craving encountered during fasting days as well as mood depression in a state of hunger.

5-HTP Max makes use of Griffonia simplicifolia plant seed extract as its core ingredient. This plant used to grow exclusively in West Africa and has been regarded as an effective medicinal solution even in ancient folklore. Years of study on this medical miracle showed that this seed extract contains copious amounts of 5-HTP which is essential for the body to maintain hormonal equilibrium in terms of emotions, mood, sleep and appetite.

Another important function of 5-HTP Max is that it provides a ready solution to deficiency in amino acid and serotonin. When participating in a weight loss program, the body doesn’t produce enough serotonin and amino acids since food consumption is low. This diet supplement is packed with vital amino acid and serotonin to heighten its production in the dieter’s body and improve mood when food consumption isn’t enough to create copious amounts of natural serotonin.

The 5-HTP Max dosage recommendation for most dieters is 200 milligrams (mg) per day, taken twice a day in 100mg capsules.


5-HTP Max Side Effects

While there haven’t been any major complaints from consumers taking 5-HTP Max directly, taking certain precaution is still important since all pills and supplements vary in some of its effects from one person to another. Like all kinds of supplements, 5-HTP Max has a few contraindications you need to take note of so you can get the most of its health benefits without possible negative side effects.

5-HTP Max is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women as well as persons under the age of 18 years old. It may also produce short-lived drowsiness for some people as it works its magic on the body and suppresses your appetite.

So far, negative side effects have been rare for 5-HTP Max since the diet pill boasts an all-natural formula that is in no way harmful or foreign to the body.

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5-HTP Max: Scam or Genuine?

5-HTP Max was carefully formulated by medical professionals so it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that it actually works. Experts in the field have shared that what sets 5-HTP Max apart from other diet pills is that it heightens the dieter’s good mood rather than depress it, as is common among other appetite suppressants. The 5-HTP formulation is backed by various scientific research that proves its efficiency. There are also hundreds of testimonials on the product.

One such example is Connie, a Michigan-based dieter, who says the 5-HTP Max helped her lose the ten pounds she’s been wanting to shed off in just a few weeks. Another consumer, Mike, from California said that what he liked about it the most was that it kept his mood up while dieting.

Where to Buy 5-HTP Max

5-HTP Max isn’t available for purchase in most health food establishments, drug stores and even websites such as Amazon, Boots and Holland and Barrett. This effective drug supplement can only be ordered online HERE. You can check out all the available articles on the product in this site so you don’t need to look anywhere else for information on 5-HTP Max.

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5-HTP Max Discounts and Coupons

If you purchase four 5-HTP Max bottles, you can take advantage of the discount offered for a limited time and save yourself US$120 by paying only US$119.95. And for every four bottle you get two additional 5-HTP Max with no extra charge, bringing up your supply to good for six months.

You can also get a discount for buying three bottles for only US$79.95 and save as much as US$40 for a good three month’s supply. But if you’re looking to try it out first and see if the product suits you, you can always go for one bottle for only US$39.95.

The site also offers a 90-day money back guarantee so you can confidently place your order anytime with assurance of getting your money’s worth every which way possible.


dana-jacksonThere are very few diet supplements that address the problem of uncontrollable mood depression and other hormonal side effects of dieting directly and as effectively. Not only is this supplement cheaper compared to most diet pills available today, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth from the product since it’s been proven effective several hundred times over. If you’re going to seriously pursue weight loss and improve your lifestyle, why not go all-natural with 5-HTP Max? I sure did.

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