About Dana Jackson

Dana-JacksonDana Jackson has been researching nutrition for many years, and has become a trusted source of advice to many people, seeking to lose weight and get fit.

She started the site at first, as part of here own drive to get fit, and soon found that her research proved to be valuable to her friends and colleagues.

And so www.Pure-Heath.org was born.

Over time, she developed a close working relationship with the founders of a company called Bio Trust … Josh Bezoni, and Joel Marion.

She found that their ethos and ethics, closely matched her own, and she admired the way that they never “cut corners” with the quality and the potency of the supplements they produced.

What she also found, was that the human diet is terribly compromised by the foods that we eat, and hence it absolutely needs supplementation.

Modern intensive agriculture methods, put only the bare minimum in the form of minerals for instance into our soil, ands hence it virtually impossible to nourish ourselves correctly, without a little help form those who understand the problem.

And that is where Bio Trust comes into its own.

What Dana found, was that BioTrust had isolated the key areas in the human system that were crucial for a smoothly functioning body. Because it is the breakdown of those systems, that leads to weight gain and muscle loss.

Dana also shares the results of her other research with her loyal subscribers, and continues to seek out the “best of breed” in supplement and nutrition advice.