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Biotrust Nutrition


One of the most popular and trusted producers of health care supplements on the market today is BioTrust Nutrition. Josh Bezoni founded it along with Joel Marion, They have a solid reputation with the industry due to their effective products which are 100 percent natural and free of antibiotics as well as free from hormones, colors and artificial sweeteners and flavors. They are also synthetic preservative free.

You can rest assured that when you take a product from BioTrust, you’re taking only high quality ingredients into your body. You can also rest assured that these products will work as they are guaranteed that each and eveyr product follows their patented Scientific Dose which ensures that each ingredient is maximized for top results. With stringent quality control measures you’re guaranteed that you’re getting exactly what you’ve read on the label. Let’s take a close look at their BioTrust Nutritional product line.

BioTrust IC 5


This blood sugar and insulin sensitivity nutritional supplement will work by increasing your insulin receptor sensitivity in your body. It manages your blood sugar levels and metabolism at the same time. Your insulin receptors are greatly affected if you have excess body fat and consume too many carbohydrates. If you’re living on a diet of mostly processed foods, this is the supplement for you.

Insulin receptors will activate your insulin action. As these receptors stop working your insulin goes haywire and you’ll find you have “insulin resistance”. Your blood sugar levels will rise and you’ll gain weight and suffer metabolic issues. This is a vicious cycle unless you break it now.

BioTrust IC 5 tackles this issue directly by increasing your cabohydrates in your muscles and liver. It prevents the sugars from changing into fat. It also assists your body in repairing and regenerating cells that provide your body with insulin.

BioTrust IC 5 is made from the following ingredients: Berberine, Cinnamon Burmannil, 4 Hydroxyisoleucine, Ptercarpus Marsupium and R Alpha Lipoic Acid which is all one hundred percent natural.

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BioTrust Leptiburn


This dietary supplement targets leptin and corrects leptin resistance issues. With all natural ingredients including: Irvingia Gabonensis or African Mango. Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Modifilan which is derived from arctic w3ater seaweed extracts. Olive Leaf Extract (Oleanolic Acid) and Panax Panax Notoginseng.

The Leptiburn will trigger your body to let release a fat burning hormone referred to a leptin. This product will also fight resistance of leptin. It’s really not as complicated as it sounds.

When you go on a diet, your body goes into starvation mode and hangs on to everything to “save” itself. Hormones will stop doing what they should and you’ll find you don’t lose any weight. This product stops that “starvation mode” practice that your body makes and helps you to lose those last few pounds thus preventing a weight loss plateau.

Your blood sugar will stop converting into fat and you’ll have your adiponectin levels increased with the oxidation of fatty acids. The thyroid hormone TSG will also kick back in.

Leptiburn will encourage your body to allow the leptin to function properly and efficiently thus targeting all 4 angles of weight loss. It will increase your brains sensitivity to the product and help you to stop producing fat cells. It will increae your blood brain barrier and enhance the physiological effects of the fat burning hormone leptin thus increasing the amylin which activates the co factor.

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BioTrust Pro X10


Another high quality product that has been designed to support your gastrointestinal tract. Your digestive problems will be stopped in their tracks before they start. It will also help to repair other gastrointestinal issues that are already ongoing.

BioTrust Pro X10 are probiotics which have risen to another level. With this patented microencapsulation technology researchers can ensure that these probiotics won’t be destroyed in transit. What you take into your body really matters and when you take these you’ll feel better and healthier because your digestive tract will be functioning at optimal operations. Microencapsulation ensures that the probiotic doesn’t start to work until it gets into your lipid matrix and thus they can ensure that it will work for you.

BioTrust Pro X10 has all of the natural ingredients you’ve come to expect in BioTrust products. Actazin is derived form the New Zealand fruit of Kiwi. Studies have shown it as a great source of insoluble fibers which wil promote gastrointestinal health. You’ll have softer easier to pass stools, less constipation and avodi diarrhea. Actazin will also help promote pre biotics within your GI tract and regnerate the cells to repair your stomach form existing damages.

BioTrust Pro X10 also has bifidobacterium lactis to help reduce any constipation. The lactobacillus salivarius removes the bad bacteria in your gut and in your mouth. You’ll have a strengthened immune system and reduce cell inflammation thus increasing your blood counts.


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BioTrust Low Carb


When the BioTrust Nutrition team launched BioTrust Low Carb, they out did themselves. Their well formulated ideal protein shake is nothing like you’d expect from a protein shake. It’s a little taste of heaven. Instead, they hired the top taste experts available in the industry to ensure that it would taste heavenly.

Contianing 4 types of protein, whey isolate, micellar caisen, whey protein and a milk protein concentrate, this product packs a powerful flavor. Three amazing flavors will leave you wondering whether you’re in the mood for milk chocolate, vanilla cream or a variety pack. For all that flavor, one would think it was chock full of carbs, but that’s not the case at all. Low carb has no sweeteners, and no artificial coloring or artificial flavors. No hormones of any sort are in this product as there are in many other protein shakes.

Using the natural sweetness of stevia extract with only a gram of sugar for every 24 grams of protein, this could be the ideal solution for weight loss. But, it doesn’t stop there, the stevia extract packs in some inulin which lends an extra 4 grams of high quality fiber to each and every serving.

Sourced form cows who have never been treated with rBST or rBGH, dangerous growth hormones, this protein shake kicks it up another notch by utilizing ProHydrolase, their own patented enzyme which is designed to enhance your body’s ability to break down, absorb and use whey protein. ProHydrolase is shown to be 40 times more effective at delivering whey protein to your muscles. This is the first ever protein shake to use this specific enzyme blend.

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BioTrust AbsorbMax


Another high quality product from BioTrust formulated with all natural ingredients helps to promote fat burning and it helps to resolve digestive issues. Excellent for food intolerance as the enzymes will help to break down carbohydrates as well as fats and proteins. Your body will be digesting foods at their optimum and you’ll naturally start losing that excess weight you’ve been trying to lose.

BioTrust AbsorbMax has five powerful enzymes that are all natural ingredients which will assist your digestive system in absorbing all of the nutrition that your body requires from your foods. This helps to eliminate the challenge of getting the required nutrients into your body when dieting. If your body doesn’t get what it requires you’ll find you have cravings that can readily sabotage your diet. AbsorbMax will solve this problem quickly and efficiently.

The ten different enzymes that BioTrust AbsorbMax has will help your weight loss to become more efficient. One of the ten enzymes will assist your body in breaking down the lactose from dairy foods. If you’re lactose intolerant this is ideal for your needs. If you’re gluten intolerant there are 2 enzymes called GlutenGone that wil help aid the gluten digestion in your body as well.

Three powerful nutrients which are in cayenne pepper, ginger and coral trace minerals help round out the AbsorbMax. Cayenne has a component Capsaicin that promotes intestinal blood flow by up to 17 percent and will encourage the delivery of nutrients to the various cells in your body.

The coral trace minerals will contain the full spectrum which help to improve your circulatory system as well as your heart and your digestion system. Ginger soothes the intestines and prevents nausea and relieves arthritic pain.

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BioTrust BCAA Matrix


This ideal product from BioTrust Nutrition is primarily assigned to working your lean muscle tissue. It’s ideal if you’re seeking to lose weight through a diet and work out program. With 70 percent L leucine and 20 percent more than branch chain amino products on the market today, you’ll find that you’re increasing your muscle mass and recovering more quickly form your intense workouts.

BCAA Matrix improves the transportation system of your body more than three times that of which other products can deliver.

When you choose BioTrust Nutrition developed BCAA Matrix, you’re not choosing just another amino acid, you’re choosing the best on the market today. Take a closer look and see for yourself. Made from free form aminos these are valuable and transport the absorption rates significantly.

To improve delivery, BioTrust BCAA utilizes di and tri peptides of every amino acid. These forms utilize different pathsways to absorb. They also have another form of aminos in BioTrust BCAA ethyl esters which use another form of pathways to absorb. Your absorption is significantly improved and you’ll find that you’re feeling better already. Go ahead and take a look at the statistics for yourself. You won’t be sorry you chose these bio aminos in fact, your body will thank you by helping you to feel better almost immediately.

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